You killed Liferay and it won't start anymore?! Part #1

  Ákos Gábriel

  2015.11.24. 10:31

"lucene writer failed for 0"

Sometimes you have to kill your Liferay instance, most likely the Java process.

This is a brutal moment, even more if you do it with "kill -9"

If you do this, Liferay of course cannot shut down normally, cannot do the cleanup and recovery steps it has to do to start up again healthy.


You search in google for: "lucene writer failed for 0”.

The recommended solution on is to empty the data/lucene folder. Doesn’t help.


After several unsuccessfull attempts I tried this:

  1. stop Liferay
  2. mv lucene lucene_old
  3. rm -rf work temp
  4. start Liferay

After restart you have to go to control panel and let Liferay reindex the content (or use setting to do the same). This recreates the lucene folder. Now you can delete lucene_old.

Where is the difference?

This solution guarantees that a brand new lucene folder will be created.

You killed Liferay and it won't start anymore?! Part #2



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